Top Bollywood Actors Who Came From Poor Background


Bollywood is known as the biggest industry in the world. In this industry, many stars came from poor families. here is the list of the top 5 actors.

1) Shahrukh khan:
          Photo Courtesy: @Twitter/imsrk

  King khan of Bollywood Shahrukh khan came from a poor background before he became the Badshah of Bollywood. He could not even afford college fees after his 12th and he went looking for government colleges to pursue higher education. His life changed when he got signed for a film. Now, his net worth is Rs. 4,472 crores. 

2) Rajinikanth:    

Photo Courtesy: @Twitter/rajinikanth

 He was a collie and also a bus conductor before he came into films and became a superstar. Now he is very famous all over India. his net worth is Rs. 373 crores.


3)Nawazuddin Siddiqui:

 Photo Courtesy: @Twitter/Sadesaati

Nawazuddin Siddiqui was a farmer. He also worked as a watchman before joining  Bollywood. He had struggled a lot to survive but then he came into movies. His net worth is Rs. 149 crores.

4) Boman Irani:
        Photo Courtesy:@Twitter/bomanirani

 He used to work as a waiter and also waited as a room service before he tried his luck in acting. He has gone through a lot of struggles to reach his current situation. His net worth is Rs. 120 Crore. 

5) Akshay Kumar:
     Photo Courtesy:@Twitter/MoviesBuzz9

Akshay Kumar was a waiter and also a dishwasher before he became a superstar. He became a chef but then also he did not make enough money to survive. His net worth is Rs. 2,422 crores. 

6) Amitabh Bachchan :
       Photo courtesy:@Twitter/SrBachchan

 He belongs to a family of writers and they did not earn much money back then. He came from Allahabad to Mumbai to try his luck in acting and he did not have much money. He had to spend nights on the benches at marine drive. His net worth is Rs. 2,981 crores.

7) Arshad Warsi: 
    Photo courtesy: @Twitter/ArshadWarsi

 After his father died, he had to leave his school after finishing his 10th standard and started working to earn a livelihood. He did all sorts of odd jobs to sustain himself, he used to work in a photo lab and developed films and photographs. He even sold cosmetics in buses, plying in and around Bandra for some time, and even went door to door on certain days. He started his Bollywood career as a background dancer. Now, his net worth is Rs. 298 crores. 

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