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  "What is Facebook Shops???" 
            Guys Mark Zuckerberg declare that they have launched Facebook shops so everyone wants to know what is it and how it's work right??? So in this article I am   explain things about Facebook shops .
             So why Facebook shops and why now ? Well  a lot businesses with all this covert stuff happening are closing down and they are not able to sell their products  or services to their customers .so you are seeing  a lot people ship and taking their products online.Basically  Facebook is helping make that process  a little bit more seamless for those businesses struggling so it's really ideally made for  kind of those local small businesses  that are struggling and giving  them tools to be able to sell  in service to their customers  easier online. 
                    Basically what it's a single    storefront that business owners  can create on Facebook and Instagram so it's an actual place that people will eventually be able to go to see your different products and services  that you have to offer now you can also customize it which is really cool too. So you  can add your own kind of Flair your colours and kind of have your brand image as well. You the button colors which kind of show you that here so you can see Facebook said ,you'll also be able to Message a business through WhatsApp messenger or Instagram direct to ask questions,to get support ,track deliveries and more. This will also be  a free service for businesses to use so that's really cool ,that facebook  is allowing that with Facebook shops.
    Now Facebook announced on May 19th 2020 , that is available now but it's going to slowly be rolling out to more business owners in the coming months. Now why would people be able to find Facebook shops ? People can find Facebook shops on a business Facebook page or Instagram profile or discover them through stories  or ads. From there you can browse the full collection safe products. you  are interested in and place an order either on the businesses website or without leaving the app. If the business has enabled  checkout in the US. 

     "Live Strem and shopping"

        Now another new announcement is live shopping  and this is where basically a person or a business owner will be able to tag a product that's in their catalog before their Livestream and then there will be a button at the bottom of the Livestream .so people can actually click to buy the item so a pretty cool feature . they're live stream shopping that's gonna be coming out now . Facebook also announced that they are working on loyalty programs so where customers can use the app to basically bit more points on different  loyalty programs.
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