Top 10 Highest paying private dream jobs in India: Updated 2020.

Hi  guys ,everyone of you have pursued  many types of job in your career Right?? Guys were you really satisfied with that jobs??? . Everyone has a dream job . Some people are lucky that they get their dream job. In this blog I am going to show you "The Top 10 Highest salary dream jobs in India".

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1 CEO .
       Chief Executive officers, basically it is the highest paying Private job because, CEO are very important to any company. This is one Of the Dream job for everyone because you high salary and all facilitlies. The burden of the company is on the same side and the evil of the company is the responsibility of these people. So their salary is also very high. You will be surprised to hear that even  in a country like India, they earn Millions . But the thing is note that the profit of the company depend on them  and in today's competitive world making profits to their company and avoiding  any kind of deficit in on their shoulder's .But your mouths will remain open only when you find out ,these years that the annual salary of the CEO  is about 25-65 crores.  Which is very high. That is 2-5 crores per month. Apart from the wages  they also get companies shares and different incentives that's why the CEO's Job is considered as a dream job. That only gets with own fate.

2 Investment Banker.

Investment banker is also known as money Man . Because,they spend their every day with money. Yes, investment bankers are benifitial for you and any company ,because they give  financial advice to the companies and the individuals. They have a lot of knowledge of market and other finincial things. And that is the main reason that they are always in demand. There are also very few investment bankers in India and hence their pay is very high. The entry level starts at Rs. 12 lakh , which increases with experience to reach 50-60 lakhs. It means that every month they easily earns 4-5 lakhs.

3. Charted accountant

    We all know that the study of a charted accountant is very difficult. You have to work hard and to put extra efforts to achieve this job.  CA are basically deals finincial and accouting.  They have to supervise these things. That is why every company and public organization always are in search of well and experienced CA. This is the reason that  they get higher salary.  There are few people's in India who can crack the exams of CA. Because it is very tough and very few have potential to crack this exam. You will get shock after knowing this ,that CA earns approximately 20-25 lakhs in a year.


    Common people's consider surgeon as a god. Because the life of the patients is totally depend on them. That is why people's doesn't hesitate to pay the money. You may be heard that the business of a doctor  is a place where there is no recession. Surgeons treat patients in the operation table for hours.  And hence they get good pay from the works. A surgeon earns approximately 15-20 lakhs per year and  1.5 lakh per month. And talking about private surgeon ,they their pay is much higher

5. Business Analyst.
     Business Analyst are important for  any company because many things of the company are depend on their anaylysis. That is the reason that companies are always in a search of good BA(Business Analyst)  The most important thing about BA is they have to be a good mathematician.They earn higher because of their brain.Now it is clear that where the game of mine comes, the money will be good .in such scenario BA in India earns 15-20 lakhs per year. That is 1.5 lakhs a month.  They also get bonuses and higher incentives according to the profit of the company.


The life of the pilot is in the sky ,you must have heard it  but do you Know that even their salary is also equal to touching the sky?? Yes, do not be surprised to hear that. Because a pilot carries a life of thousands people's. That is the reason ,the training of a pilot is very difficult . And this is the main reason that they get high sallaries. Can you guess how much they earns annually??? Noo ..ok let me tell you . A commercial pilot earns around 15-20 lakhs a year. And a helicopter pilot gets 10-15 lakhs per year.

7. Lawyer 

     For lawyers , it is believed that they do not like the chair of the judges. Because it does not have much income. The lawyers appointed by the government only  get a pearl money from they government ,but they  get extra money from their client for each case. This is the main reason that lawyers are rich . You will be surprised to hear that the lawyers get only 9-10 lakhs a year , but their are some lawyers who earn Millions of rupees just because of their knowledge.

8. Actors 

Everyone wants to become an actor in their life. Because they lives a  luxorious life. But do you have any idea about how much they demand for a movie?? Female actors get 10-50 lakhs per movie, but the actors who have ability and famous stars take 10-500 million rupees per movie.  Apart from this they charge 2-5 millions to go for an event. And the main source of earning is they earns approx 100 crore from an advertisement .

9. Crickters
 BCCI considered as to be the richest cricketing board . Because they have a lot of money, so it is obvious that  India's cricketer's too will get very good money. Apart from this,they get money from advertising . That's why Indian crickters known as the richest (10-50)  cricketer's in the world.

10. President 
The president of India is the head of the country. They also known as the first citizen of a country. And you will shock after knowing this that they get 1.5 lakh per month. That is   18 lakhs a year.  Apart from this ,they get all the facilities that the common man cannot imagine. The President of India resides in the Rastrapati Bhavan. They get respect and also get allowance and incentives. The government of India takes care of all expenses of a president.

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