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 Latest Government Jobs: Hey Guys Hope You All Are safe in This tough period,Please stay home and Take care of Yourself. In this Article I am going to cover Top 10 Government  Jobs in India with their salary.

1. Indian Civil services .

Indian Civil Services like IAS,IPS and IFS are included in this. This is the biggest and important job of our country. Because it has a lot of responsibility. Every Year lot of peoeple give examinations of civil services and very few people pass. This is a very difficult exam ,but this job is also considerd as the most prestige. These people run the country and bring many policies into action. Their monthly charges are up to around 2 lakhs and not just this Employees working in civil services also get different incentives like home,car ,driver,subsidized electricity.  Even   they also get vacations for their further studies in abroad.

2 Defence Services.

Army, Navy and Air Force come across Defence Services .This is a respectable act as it it helps  to save us from enemies. There are different exams for defense services such as NDA, CDS, AFCAT and many more. The salary  of this service are also quite high you can earn from least 50000 to 1 lakh in a month ,it  also depends on your performance ,there are more chances of getting promotion and they also get all kinds of  government allowance.  From time to time the monthly salary increases.
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3.Public sector  Undertaking (PSU) 

If you do not like the private sector,then the PSU is a great option for you .There are large government companies like BHEL, ONGC ,IOC.  To work in this ,you have to take the GATE exam. One  good thing to do here is that the shift  runs in these companies and you get a separate shift allowance . Here you can earn up to  40000 to 1.5 lakhs of the month. Apart form this , you will get subsidy in the canteen  for  food and drinks, laptops , furniture and petrol allowance.

4 University professors .

It believed that teaching is the  peacefull and the best jobs. That's why Professor's job is good in any government  college and you get more respect as well .  The monthly salary of an professor is  depends on different things for example if you are NIT or IIT professor then your  sallery will be much higher. If you have done PhD, then your scale of pay  will be different from other professors.  By studying in college and University ,you eill get about 40,000- 1 lakhs in a month. Apart from this , you also get medical ,house allowance.

5 Banking.

 When it comes to banking, you remember the names of all the RBI, the governor, the probationary officer.  And why not everyone wants to do this job. The reason behind it is easy to get promotions In the bank. And the annual income is around 18 lakhs. In addition to this, the bank gives the house to stay, children educational allowance and many like this. The good thing is that if you are a bank employee then you can easily get a loan with low rate of interest.

6. Scientist.

 If you are an engineer or a scientist in government  institutions like ISRO, DRDO ,then understand that your luck have opened. Here the basic salary is 40000- 60000 and  it increases with your research and performance . Apart from this ,you get Rs. 7000  to 10000 for transport allowance,  free meals in the canteen ,home to stay  and bonuses every 6 months

7. Assistant in the Ministry of External Affairs.

This job is considered as very honorable job in India  and in this job their is lot of money. Your posting here is often in countries outside .where you can easily make 1.5 to 2 lakhs in a month.  Not only that ,you also get an allowance  of 20000-25000 according to which country you are in. The test is tough and you have to pass the SSC-CGL exam to work here.
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8. Government Doctors.

The demand for a government doctor is always there because in any government hospital your treatment done in very less money. But the  government doctor's salaries are more than other jobs. After studying  MBBS , depending on which hospital and where you work, your sallery depends. Governments provides 25% to 50% wages to doctors who serves the patients in villages .After this their sallery depends on what you pay. A sourgon gets around 1 to 2 lakh per month in India. And a junior doctor gets only 40000 to 50000 thousand per month.

9. Railway Engineer.

The Railway Engineer's job is good and they get a great respect and reward in their work. You may suprised to know that railway Engineer's more than any government engineer  and their one month salary is up to 60000 to 80000.In addition to this they also get home,travel allowance   and different incentives.

10. income Tax officer.

Everybody tries to get a job in the income tax department. Because  in this job there is money as well as  you will get honor. In this job  you can start from the income tax inspector  and become a commissioner  and easily earn up to 60000 to 1 lakhs per month. In addition to this you will get a government vehicle ,30 liter petrol ,SIM card. To get this job you have to pass SSS-CGL exam. By passing the UPSC exam you can also directly  be the assistant commissioner.

So This Article was all about Top
10 Latest Government Jobs In India. with their salary. I hope you likes this article .Please Do comment and Share this

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