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Hey Guys Hope You All Are safe in This tough period,Please stay home and Take care of Yourself.In   this blog we are focusing on "5 Intresting things about mark Zuckerberg" a computer programmer and Entrepreneur who has changed the way that over a billion people interact on the internet that's right I am talking about Facebook Founder and CEO  Mark zukerberg.Mark Was Born on 14th May 1984 in white plains New York  and his aptitude for science and technology was evident at a young age.
5 Interesting things about Mark Zuckerberg
His Father taught him a basic computer programming while he was still in Middle school and then a software  developer took over marks lessons although he found it hard to stay ahead of mark whom he call a prodigy.Mark also  took a graduate level programing course at a local college while he was still in high school in his Sophomore year at Harvard began writing code for what would become one of the most successful social networking platforms in history by 2012, Facebook had hit 1 billion daily users and the company is now worth well over 400 billion dollars as of 2017 Mark is the 5th richest person in the world.

So Here are 5 Intresting Things About Mark Zuckerberg 

1 .His Wedding with his Wife Priscilla was Surprise for all guest 

After  nine years of dating  mark and Priscilla pulled off a surprise wedding in May of 2012 . Priscilla  was just graduated from medical school so the 100 guests thought they were attending a surprise graduation Party only to find out that they would actually witnessing a wedding.The wedding occurred in the Couple's  backyard the day after Facebook's  initial public offering Green Day's  Billy Joe Armstrong sang  at the ceremony  as a gift to the couple.

2 .He Drives in expensive cars

 While other billionaires of the world  are driving  in exotic supercars and limited edition luxury vehicles  mark Prefers more practical and inexpensive kinds of Transportation  the three cars he drives most often are his Honda Fit Acura TSX and Volkswagen Golf GTI.

3.Tried to become a vegetarian

In 2011 mark announced that he was challenging himself to  become a vegetarian and only eat meat if he killed the animal himself because he wanted to be more connected to the food that he eats and the animals that  give their lives so he could eat them . Although
  He stuck with the challenge for little 
while he's  now back to eating meat regularly.

4. He's colurBlind

Mark is red-green color blind which means that the color that stands out best for him is blue thats why blue is  his favorite color and the primary color for facebook.

5 .Mark Zuckerberg met  his wife in a bathroom line .

It's not among the most romantic  of meetings but maybe it was fate that  brought mark and Priscilla together.While waiting in the bathroom line at a  fraternity party,Priscilla says her initial impression was that he was a nerdy guy,he was just a little bit out there and  she also thought he lacked ambition because he said  he'd rather go on a date with her than finish his take-home midterm.

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