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 Hii Everyone I Hope everyone is safe and staying in home. Today in this article I am to cover the 10 Things you didn't know about Elon Musk .The South African bond business, Engineer ,inventor, real life iron Man  and probably savior of the human race he has done an incredible amount in his 45  years.

He's the 83rd Richest person  in the world with an estimated net  worth of $11.5 billion.That's a rapidly  growing and is the brains behind  what are today some of the most exciting technology companies in the world. We have to put  this out there will be completely  biased today and we don't really care as we are  very big fans of his with that said here are some interesting things you didn't know about Elon musk

So Here are 10 Things you Didn't know about Elon musk....

1 .  Musk has said that he wants to die on Mars not earth . Musk's spaceX is planning  an M mission to Mars with a view to making our lives interplentary . He is spreadheading a movement to colonize the planet mars his main goal  is to drop the cost of interplanetary travel  too close to $1000,000 .The current prices is at around 10 billion dollars so there's a long way to go but he's serious about it .wants to put people on Mars in six years from now. Before  that he'll be sending several rockets filled with resources in order to get the colonization process started .
Mars has already proven to be our first option and ilon even came up with a few theories on how to terraform mars.One would be nuke the North and South  pole of Mars in order to heat up the planet and begin creating an atmosphere.His personal goal is to send 1 Millions people to Mars in order to  make sure our species gets a better shot  at survival

2.  His basic Tesla sallery is just $1 a year.Few people know that he wasn't a founder of Tesla.  He discovered the. Company and bought himself in.
After arguing with the CEO .He  fired him and installed himself.

3. Like Elizabeth Taylor he married someone divorced them and then remarried them again.Musk married
British actress Tallulah Riley in   2008. And they announced their separation in 2012. It all seemed quite amicable and then they remarried in 2013 and filed divorced again in in 2014. Their divorced was finalized in 2016 and hopefully they won't do it again it's clearly not working .Elon is sacrificing his family life for his goals and ambitions and at can even compare him with to a modern day  Henry Ford or even  to the original Tesla

4.He went Through  what we  call it a Lucky a moksha moment where  he was all in if you click on the top right corner you'll end up on an article showing something  incredible many of the world changers  went Through.Moksha  or the monk moment is more or less when someone puts everything he owns on  the table and success is the only option for survival . After the sale of PayPal with. All of his saving he had 180  millions dollars. He puts 100 million in spaceX . 70 million in Tesla and 10 million in solar City .At  that time he had to borrow money to pay rent.

5.  Musk was a co- founder and member of the PayPal mafia.After his zip to success it didn't take long for Elon to pick his next target ,the banking industry so he started.X.COM. X.Com and PayPal   went
head to head for couple of years  until they decided to join forces. Unfortunately  though he was ousted from his CEO role in 2000 because of leadership disagreement when  they sold PayPal cut was 165 millions dollars. But what's the PayPal mafia you'd  the casing in on PayPal money would be enough but  the poeple who created PayPal all went on to create other companies of  humongous success three of them went off and created YouTube. The webiste you are watching this on right now,one of the created linked in which was recently  acquired by Microsoft for twenty six billion dollars. Another created yelp another founded kiva and a few others have become some of the most respected investors in silicon valley with very early investmens in Facebook ,Twitter , Snapchat,Uber  and more. How long these guys was Elon who went ahead and is changing the world with Tesla and Space X.

6. Robert Downey jr. Modeled his Tony Stark character on mas the  eccentric genius billionaires Playboy philantrhophist Tony Stark in the marvel  films was flatteringly based on Elon. According to Downey jr.and the franchise Director Tony starkc character was just more or less a more  flamboyant version of Elan musk .Musk got a cameo in iron Man 2 as a thank you for getting Downey jr. Pick his brain

7.He bought a McLaren F1 and didn't insure and  then wrote it off. He  bought it in 1999 when he was 28 years old for $1,000,000 it's probably  quite difficult to get an insurance quote for a McLaren so he didn't bother and then he crashed it.He even made fun of himself at that age but his passion for cars  was clear .He also owns the Lotus a straight from the 1977  bond film The spy who loved me .He  bought the car at auction in 2013 for  nearly 1 million dollars and intends to convert it into a submarine for real as a pet project. He loved the film as a child and was quote disappointed  to learn that it can't actually transform into  a submarine

8.He dropped out of his appiled Physics PhD course after two  days to pursue  his entrepreneurial visions.After completing two degree's in both physics and economics he enrolled on a PhD course  at Standford in 1995 when he  was 24 after two days he got  bored and started a business with  his brother  called zip 2. He borrowed $28,000 from  father and founded a software company designed as a city guide for newspaper publishers that was before Google Maps. In a day and age when yellow pages were still a  thing not how many of you a Luxor's know what that is just a couple of years later he sold it for Twenty two millions dollars

9.When  musk was at college he  fed himself for less  than one dollar a day.He might have come from a reasonable fortunate background  but he lived on almost nothing while he was studyijt.He  said he used to prevent scurvy and illness by adding a red pepper to his cheap ramen noodles. something you guys might not know is that in order to take  money  and pay for college he had a best friend turned their house into a nightclub they rented a ten bedroom house and threw massive parties during the weekend. Sometimes up to five hundred people  would show up and you'd pay five dollar per person while his friend made sure the party was lit.Musk remained sober to maintain control of the party

10. He started out young coated his first game when  he was 12 and sold it  for five hundred dollars basically making him  a prodigy. The game was called blast star and he created it using Commodore Vic- 20 a web  version of the game is still available online so you can play it to this day. Much like Bill gates he started Coding when he was very young.He'd been
reading for five hours per day.Most of the day during his childhood and quickly assimilated knowledge one of the most memorable things he cured his own fear of the dark by studying basic physics he understood that darkness is the absence of photos in the visible wavelength and that it's silly to be scared of the lack of photons because he was pretty small  and into science school was terrible for him as he builled every day so  be careful who you bully in school they might turn out to be  a future billionaire

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